Hi! My Name is Jenn and I would love to show you what photography makes me feel by capturing your special moments! I'm sure that would be easier if you knew just a little about me first though so here it is: I'm 30 years old, I'm married to my very best friend and the one true love in my life. I am easy going yet can be spontaneous and wild at times. I love to sit around watching movies but I also love to explore and see new, beautiful places! I would love to photograph the world and my dream job would be with National Geographic traveling to the areas of the world that not many people know about, so I can share the beauty that lies in those parts and make people realize that tourist areas like Waikiki, Hawaii are nice but there are places in Africa and the Middle East that hold true beauty. I'm always looking for new and exciting ideas for photo shoots but love to shoot people in general, with their families, or in love, or in their gorgeous self (Boudoir is my favorite!). 

So I hope that hearing about the type of person I am makes you feel more comfortable with me as a person and as a photographer, but my photographs can also help with that, so take a minute to browse my art and see what you think. If you like what you see, contact me and we can have some fun!